Conor Howland

Aspiring Software/Web Developer

Python 2 & 3, PHP,,,, CSS, JavaScript & HTML

About Me:

My name is Conor Howland, I am a 17 year old aspiring to be a software developer in the United Kingdom.
I started to learn programming when I was 9 years old, on my first PC and had no prior knowledge in programming and hadn't touched video games.
The first programming language I learnt was Visual Basic (VB.NET 2008), which I enjoy, however, I wouldn't call it my favourite.
I then moved onto python2 and eventually learned python3.
I spend some of my time developing website using what I would call the 3 main languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), and on top of that, PHP, SCSS and the jQuery library.
My hope would be to land a job in software / web development, as these are the types of careers that interest me.
See My CV Here

My Projects:

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Steemit Benefactors

A website for adding custom beneficiaries and permlinks to steemit posts.

Steem Benefactors

Steemit All Posts

An application to search any steemit user's posting history, with export functions and links to the post.

All Posts

SurpassingGoogle Q&A

A Q&A Site Built For Steemian SurpassingGoogle, to help him answer questions for his followers!

Out of production!

Steemit Mass Txn Sender

An application to send mass messages/transactions across the Steem blockchain.

Gist - Steemit Mass Txn Sender


SQL-Injection safe login and registration system for authentication with a captcha integrated.

Repo - Login Tutorial

Steemconnect Login

Allow users to sign in and give permissions with their steemit account securely via SteemConnect.

Repo - A Wild SCv2 Api Appears


Contributed to this OPENMRS module with a CSS fix to overidden settings.

Pull Request - CSS Fix